“IN YOUR CUPS” Ratings Guide

Here is the legend for our “In Your Cups” rating method:

5 Pints-

final (9)final (9)final (9)final (9)final (9)
Hell yes!!! The shit. Earth shattering! Motherfucking classic! I’m fucking smashed and on the verge of passing out blind. I’ll be hungover for a week! Maybe another for the road publican? Oh shit! Your grand kids will worship this shit! Aye!

4 Pints-

final (9)final (9)final (9)final (9)
Fuck yeah! Kickass! Awesome. Raging! Excellent work! I can’t even walk home, much less drive. Might puke. Uh-oh. Definitely among the best of the year. Call in sick tomorrow. Spot-on and all that.

3 Pints-

final (9)final (9)final (9)
Good work. Call a cab. I’m a bit wobbly. Worth your money, most likely, if it fits your taste.

2 Pints-

final (9)final (9)
Fair. Listenable, but I’d rather listen to something else. Turning in early tonight. I’ll walk home, thanks. You might have a different opinion, though.

1 Pint-

final (9)
Uh. Staying home, sipping my pint,  and watching old Buffy eps. This isn’t really for me, but you might find some merit in it and think it deserves another round or two.