Yes — It wouldn’t be the end of the year without another listicle—Cabrito’s Top Ten Music for 2014

Okay kids – I’m going to make this all short and sweet so I can get back to my mplayer and getting ready for 2015 which will bring a new Belle and Sebastian LP in January!!!! So here are my top LPs and EPs for 2014. Actually, some of them were released in 2013, but I didn’t get around to discovering them until 2014, so I’ll mark those with a *.

So here goes:

Cabrito’s top ten in Music for 2014, listed by band then release.

The World is a Beautiful Place and I’m No Longer Afraid to Die
Whenever, If Ever*

One of my many discoveries at November’s FFF Fest in Austin. You like Tortoise, Codeine, and other valium rock? The World is a Beautiful Place… is for you!

Our Love

Dance music? You want dance music? Yeah. Ya know you do.


Panda Bear
Mr. Noah (EP)


I’m not sure how to describe Panda Bear? Maybe Flaming Lips in a Blender?? Dunno.

Sharon Van Etten
Are We There?

SharonVanEtten_2A beautiful friggin’ train wreck of broken hearts. “Your Love is Killing Me”, well, it’s killing me.


Courtney Barnett
A Sea of Split Pea*

courtneybarnettBarnett has a beautifully lazy delivery like an Australian Lucinda Williams, but she’s as much hard rocker as country songstress. Heck. She may not be country at all, but I can’t help myself.  “Avant Gardener” may be one of my all-time fave songs now. …I much prefer the mundane…


The Bones of What You Believe*

CHVRCHESOkay. This band gets extra points for being Scottish, natch. I thought their ACL Fest set was so-so. However, this LP has grown on me like a moog fungus. They’ll be starting a new LP in January. Can’t wait, can’t wait….


Perfume Genius
Too Bright

perfgeniusAye!! The gender is a wee bit bent for Perfume Genius and he is quite proud of it. He should also be proud that, musically,  he could well be the stellar love child of Gary Numan and Freddy Mercury. “Queen” is an anthem for the ages no matter what freak flag you fly.

Blue Planet Eyes

PreaturesMy personal epiphany of ACL Fest 2014. Patti Smith meets Patti Smythe and Pat Benatar at the MTV festival hosted by Blondie. 80’s pop rock is back and it’s time to pogo.


First Aid Kit
Silver Linings

firstaidkit-580x325Just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, Sweden’s best folk-country duo up the ante. Along with the band below, this was my fave performer at FFF Fest.

New Pornographers

Brill Bruisers

thenewpornographers-sl062509jpeg-1919c6d7e4068080_largeSeriously, Neko Case on tambourine? Where has this band been all of my life, or rather, what rock have I been living under to finally catch-on to these stalwarts of Canadian Rock in 2014? What have I missed? Really. I need to get out more.


Viet Cong
Viet Cong (2b released in early 2015)

Belle & Sebastian and Other Artists
God Help the Girl Soundtrack


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