Prankster in the Desert: Seattle Punk Artist Lands in Tucson, Explodes into Space

Lisa Prank
Club Congress
Tucson, AZ
February 2, 2016

Our man Foolpump is born to be wild!!! He just returned from his rad road-trip out to Tucson to catch Childbirth and interview the band for this insanely cool ‘zine up in the PacNW. How’s that for contrasting geographical areas, huh? Yeah, and lucky Bass Turd that Pumpster. Childbirth is quite popular around these parts as you may know. Anyway, while pursuing his Fear and Loathing in Tucson Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy, he just so happened to catch the tour’s opening act and was kind of impressed, so he wanted to tell us about it. Per usual, the Pump was loaded for bear and got some pics. Take it away, FP. Fire all of your guns at once!:


Whey ho!! Yee ha!!!

Cheers Cabrito!

Like a true nature’s child!

Man, I was so hyped to see laugh-riot punks Childbirth I completely forgot their comrade in arms and good bud, Lisa Prank, was opening for the duration of their auspicious 2016 West Coast Tour supporting their Women’s Rights album they released back in October – yeah, I know, Tucson is the Great Southwest, but I’m not gonna complain. In my book, Childbirth is worthy of renaming the whole fucking map if they want to. I’ll bet Cabrito agrees. Prank is, I’d say for now, a laugh-riot punk artist.  She is probably best known for her cheeky gnomephilic video for her song “Why Can’t We Just Dance” as well as her mad screeching tiger-child vox on the final cut of Childbirth’s Women’s Rights album, “You’re Not My Real Dad.” She hit the stage with Childbirth to sing that track as the band’s finale on this night, and it was tremendous, to put it mildly.

Prank’s own set was a blast. She’s basically a one-person show with guitar and an occasional dose of sampler and drum machine with no small emphasis on showmanship. I loved her signature construction paper costume consisting of a crown emblazoned with “PRANK” and colorful life-size hand earrings. Her set featured generous dashes of nudge, nods, and cheek and a few laugh-out-loud moments to go with the frequent giddy smiles and giggles she induced.

Aside from “Why Can’t We Just Dance”, to be honest, I’m not all that familiar with Prank’s music, but after this gig, I look forward to going over to to purchase her five song ep, Crush on the World. The members of Childbirth – Bree McKenna on Bass; Stacy Peck on Drums; and Julia Shapiro on Guitar – joined Prank onstage for her final three numbers including “Why Can’t We Just Dance”, putting some instrumental “ooomph!” behind Prank’s songs.

As far as describing Prank’s sound, it’s quite reminiscent of the album Riot-Grrrl Supreme Kathleen Hannah released as Julie Ruin in 1997 just after the breakup of Bikini Kill – lo-fi-ish with no dearth of driving energy. Yet Prank puts in big blasts of happy humor in place of Julie Ruin’s rage and anger. Perhaps in salute to Hannah, instead of referring to Prank, Childbirth, et. al. as laugh-riot punks, one could call them laugh-riot grrrls. I don’t know. I don’t care what you call them, really, just let me listen. And, hey, Gnomes need love, too.


–over and out…pics below!!!


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