Jesus Was An Anarchist and Other Wild-Ass Theories About Psychology, Work, and Religion

This essay is over 8,000 words, so I’ve made downloadable versions available to read on various electronic devices, and/or to print. Don’t forget to download the bibliography as well as the essay in the format of your choice. The online version will be embedded below the downloads. Just above the embeds are links to full html pages. Cheers! -FP


Essay pdf
Bibliography pdf
Essay html/zip
Bibliography html/zip
Essay E-PUB
Bibliography E-PUB
Essay Mobi (kindle)
Bibliography Mobi (kindle)
Essay docx (this looks better on my kindle than the mobi, fyi)
Bibliography docx (this looks better on my kindle than the mobi, fyi)

Online Versions: 

The embedded versions below are a bit small, so you can open the full html page here if that works better for you:


The embedded versions:




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