by joefrankmcclain




Mixing metaphors
Pets and Grizzlies
Ego is a virus
Anarchy is not a synonym for chaos

Civilization is not a synonym for order
Civilization as damaged Soundscape,
Growing ever more shrill*
As beautiful 
sine wave

But for all that force and fear, 
Are these storms 
Mere meteorological pets 
for tv weather folks 
to fawn over? 
As they hunker down
All safe and sound
In their… ??
Maybe a caged lion
About to be released
Or bear
Grizzly bear
Or some other
Is the better image..
Metaphor we can’t ignore 
You’d think from the way 
The media folks talk about’em. 
>>These natural furies<<they really are>>
are pets. 

Mere pets
Media folks
Talk talk all excitedly.. 
As they are hidden away
All safe in their…..

Well, of course
Without calamitous
Without these creatures, 
Such ilk 
Have nothing
To do. 
No crazy weather
No job.. 
No justification for existence.
Not in this culture anyway,
This utilitarian
This material world
| Mercy buckets, madonna I|
Of hustle, hustle, hustle.. 
Is it silly.. ?
This job.
This weather person
No..  good to keep
on their toes 
What natural forces are
Coming their way. 
Nature is a beast
A beast 
A beast. 
It’s been released 
From its cage..
Watch out!!!

Now that I think about it
Aren’t most jobs 
just silly
Now that I think about it
Isn’t civilization
Hierarchy and the notion
Of “a job”
Antithetical to
Human nature?
Wouldn’t we all be
Better off liberating the commons
returning to hunting
And gathering.. ?
Sharing the land…?
Who wouldn’t at least
Want to try?
If not go completely 
Primitive, perhaps
Downshift to a 
Way of life,
Like a certain
William morris
Novel. (also see the book here)
A dream about 
A dream

The rise of civilization

And the eventual

enclosure of the commons

Was a big fuckery

To normal folks

The everyday folx

Just wanting to live,

Enjoy the great gift

Gawd gave them,

The trees, the sun

The earth,

And life itself

One’s own and all others,

Human and otherwise

Flora and fauna

Earth and sky

Those who knew how

Lucky they were.. 

That is all they 


So that is all they 


But no..
Some weirdos got the
Notion that we have
To transform everything,
The state of things 
This natural state of things
Was not good enough.. 
There was a perverse
Drive for power and domination,
The lie that humans were
Superior to all
The other gifts 
From Gawd
It was
The spread of the ego
A disease of innumerable
The worst
The twisted notion
That man was himself
Or at least
A gawd
Among many
gave way
To  hubris
And hubris 
Leads to ……

the collapse of civilization
the collapse of civilization
  • Ishmail, Daniel Quinn
  • The Story of B, Daniel Quinn
  • My Ishmael, Daniel Quinn
  • Everything by John Zerzan
  • Everything by Morris Berman
  • All books by Derrick Jensen
  • Everything by James H. Kunstler


It’s told in the story
Of a woman in a garden

And a serpent

And a tree

And a certain fruit
Forbidden fruit 
And a gullible man
Falling for the 
Gullible woman

Who fell

For a devious

That fruit was 
Infected with the worst
Malady of them all. 
The one we’ve been
Living with since the fall 
Of eden
And the rise of civilization

The ego

Since that rise
Like kevin spacey
In the shower
It’s been all downhill
From that point

The ego 


It lead to language
Order control
Sure Billie Burroughs
Said language was a virus
But it started earlier
Than that.. 
It was merely
A symptom
Of the infection

Ego led to language


To domination. 




Too many folks

Are confused,

See anarchy as

A synonym for chaos

|| thanks to many years

Of power, corruption and 

Lies ||

This is not the case

Anarchy is order

Equality across the board

No arch.. No archon.

A flat line of cooperation

A horizontal order

It’s opposite


Is chaos

Throwing beings

Into competition

In service of the ego

And the arch itself. 

Service to a machine

An abstraction. 

Rather than 

>the tangible

>The real

Service to life.. 

And to living that life

And helping others

Do the same,

Under the auspice of

Natural laws

That work for all 

And not

The laws of men



For only

a few, 

The few pigs

Who have

Deemed themselves

More equal than the

other pigs,




Their very violation

Of gawd’s gifts

A sign that they are

Themselves gawdz

And above all

Else, including their

Fellow human creatures.

This inequality creates 

Chaos and those at the 

Top of the arch

Feed off this chaos

That creates a feedback

Loop that takes them higher

And everyone else lower

As that arch gets steeper and steeper

And impossible for those 

below to climb

If they should ever get

The notion to flatten that peak

The frequency becomes shrill


Driving all 

Below it 


The amplitude

Reaches higher and higher



The waves get steeper



Higher and higher pitched

the  troughs get deeper


Plenty of room at the trough

Very little at the peak.. 

This is not a sine wave

Sine waves are even


The original

Creation of the universe

The original gift

This wave is a series

Of painful

Intermittent spikes


Of ear piercing howls

Of banshees In the night


From the top of which

The few



Everyone else.. 

As they run

Ears covered

In pain 

From the shrieks,

Shrieking in response

To the shrieking

In their low frequency

Low modulation



**Interesting that word,

drone .. 

Worker bees

Worker people

Are just Drones..

Sound as drone**

We drones

don’t get to

Buzz off the 

Piercing spikes of volume

Of the few.. 

That cuts those below

Into millions of pieces.. 

And us

We drones

Us drones

don’t realize 

Where the shrieking is coming from

We look at each other instead

And blame each other

Rather than looking up..

To the real


Of our woes;

Of course.. Who can blame us..

The top of the arch.. 

This Sharp peak of the

mutilated sine wave

Is impossible to see,

It is beyond the stratosphere, 

How could they/we know anyone

Was up there at all

Much less who was up there

Or how many of them??

This is our current predicament.

The few are so far above the many

The many can’t even see them anymore

How can you hold

To account

Someone or


Beyond perception?


Is this “the water”

A metaphor

Some smart folx

Whip out


Talk about

This structure<

This gilded cage

We’ve built


don’t even notice


–like fish in water –

These abstractions we serve

The system we serve–


Indeed.. Oh my 

What was built to serve us

Or so we thought

Or were fooled into thinking

We now serve.

Our enslaver

Even those smugly

Smiling from the peaks

Are enslaved by it.

How’s that for human


Seduced and conquered

By your own invention.

What we built to control

Everything else

Has come to control us

How are we gawdz ourselves? 

We are the silliest species

Mary Shelley, my friends

Was eerily prescient 

We can run and run

Across the arctic circle

It is still there

Right behind us

We’ve built our cage

Now we must live in it

How to smash said cage?

How can we change the music? 

Changez le disque? 

Or turn it off? 

Power down? 

The virus

Truly has us

In its grip,

A death grip

So tight,  we see

Our illusions as

Reality, and reality

As illusions. 

This is a diseased state 

Perchance it’s time 

To smash

The stereo 

Rip the speakers

Woofer and all


It eventually

spread to all of us,

The most destructive pandemic.

It didn’t kill us,

It enslaved us

To do its bidding

To do its damage.

The virus is

Handed down..

Generation upon generation.. 

We’re now born with the virus..

Or at least born in 

an atmosphere

A culture

In which we are immediately 


And often don’t know it

*This is water*

Now that we’ve pretty much

Wrecked our home beyond 


ego babies

The latest batch


The original crack babies

These ego babies

Are waking up to 

The fact that the

Ego is not a fact

Of human life,

A natural facet of

All humans, 

But a disease

That will kill us


If we do not eradicate it



This is a concept

Difficult to grasp

Since ego has deluded

Us for so long. 

People still see it 

As a fact of life

A natural human feature.


I do, too > 99% of the time

I’m in one of my <1%

Lucid moments

Sigh.. if i only had the energy

To be in this state more often

It is an exhausting fight against 

The water

And it’s not really a fight

It’s just recognizing it

It’s a struggle just to recognize it

The illusion runs so deep,

Ingrained.. Ingrained.. In us

It’s easy to mistake 

The illusions for ourselves


Accepting the virus

As the natural order of things: 

That my friends,

Is a fatal flaw, 

THE Fatal Flaw

The Final Fatal Flaw

That will kill 


And try to kill everything, too

The planet will be fine

There’s no need to 

Worry about



the planet.

it’ll be terribly injured,

But it will go on, and eventually get

Back to it’s normal self.

A return to equilibrium

The sine wave

May take millions of years,

But it will survive until the sun burns out.

Humans, though, at their

Current rate of destruction,

If lucky,

May have 100 yrs.. 

Or should that be 10? 

Civilization is a mistake.

It is the birth mother

Of war, famine, misery

It lead to the enclosure 

Of the commons

To the factory of goods

And the factory

Of mass death

With mass life

You must have mass death

Look at WWII

Look at a typical

Day in the USA

This is where 

We’ve been led

By our submission 

To a great adstraction

Don’t make me go all

Fredy Perlman


Daniel Quinn on ya. 

When will we finally

Correct this mistake


We fail to do so

At our own peril 

But in the meantime

We are domesticating

Forces of nature


They are not pets

They are not domesticated

(like us)

They are wild rampant beasts, 

(as we long to be) 


grizzly bears 

bearing down on you 

at more than 30 miles per hour; 

no mercy shown; 

rip you and everything in sight to pieces. 

This is a civilization-wrecking bear. 

This Elliot

Perhaps we should welcome it

The bear has no time for a name

or any sort of niceties, 

no gender identification statements, 

No pronouns at the bottom of an email, 

no letters of intent, 

no warnings, no jeremiads, 

No screeds nor manifestos

no politics, no public relations, 

no advance apologies. 

No post-rampage contrition

He sure as hell has no time for weather folks,

All safe and snug

In their studio

Miles away from the crunch. 

It has no ego

He is of the Ghita


He has work to do.

havoc to wreak, 

humans to inconvenience,

and possibly kill, 

or at least hospitalize,

taking a few limbs and digits along the way, 

As it returns to the arctic circle

The bear laughs at frankenstein

Or does he see him as an ally?

He sees the structures force

The machine force

And that force – that never neutral force-

Is already turning in on itself

Eating itself.. The auto-cannibalization

Of civilization is well underway  

Will it devour humanity as well? 

Bears are mean motherfuckers. 

Next to lightning strike survivors, 

I’d say grizzly attack survivors 

are the luckiest excessive natural force 

survivors in the world. 

But I’m sure there is a lot I don’t know. 

If there is anything worse than being 

struck by lightning 

or mauled by a bear, 

I don’t want to hear about it. 

And this is my fear

Exploding in my brain

The bear is rumbling our way. 

Perhaps I should welcome

This bear

Maybe he can teach us 

A lesson in humility

Just maybe 

Ameliorate the symptoms

Of our disease

Give us respite


Let ourselves become human again


  • Or so I assumed it would be 
  • All these things, and more– 
  • This elliot
  • Elliot was a beast..

But not the beast

I was looking for.  


The commons must


Along with the new world

That is the old world

The world when 

We were happy 



Sine waves



This is but

A dream within

A dream within

A dream


For now

We must be content to dream


I shall dream

But i shan’t be deluded

Knowing the dream

Is but a narcotic

That renders us helpless

As we are tossed into the

Meat grinders we’ve

Merrily danced to

On our own volition

And scream with delight

As the blades

Grind our bones


See the whole It’s never cold in Texas series HERE


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