Pony Time’s Austin Show Burnishes Seattle’s Rep as the Best Music Scene Going

Pony Time
Barracuda Club
Austin, Texas
May 19, 2016

It was a cool night here in Austin. It’d been raining most of the day. As I biked down to Barracuda on 7th just east of Red River, I couldn’t help thinking just how pleasant the weather was for late May while doing my best not to think about the inferno that would descend in the next couple of weeks. Luckily, I had Pony Time to look forward to.

The Seattle Punk Duet have been known to put on some scorching live shows, and tonight’s gig lived up to that reputation. Yep. Their set was so good that I finally broke down and bought their 2015 album, Rumours 2: The Rumours are True,  on bandcamp.com since I haven’t been able to get songs like “I Like Your Shoes”, “Time Tells Me”, “Don’t Mind if I Dew”, and “Really Nice Guys” out of my head since hearing them live.

The only disappointing thing about the show was the thin crowd of maybe 20 or 25 people. If Austin is going to bill itself as the Live Music Capitol of the World, it’d better do a better job of filling venues when top-quality touring acts, especially those from the nation’s top music scene, come through town. Now go to your room, Austin..Schmaustin, and think about what I said! SMDH.

Pictures of Pony Time and opening act, Bali Yaaah, below:

Pony Time on Twitter

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